LabMed South West and Wessex Scientific Meeting

LabMed South West and Wessex Scientific Meeting

LabMed South West and Wessex Scientific Meeting 


9:30  Welcome Tea and Coffee

10:00  AGM (SWW Members only)

11:00  Tea Break

11:30  Regional Trainee Award speakers

  • Sam Salisbury: Automating Early Warnings for Subclinical Hyperbilirubinaemia in Neonates
  • Laura Stephens: The development of an ultra high performance LC-MS/MS method for quantitation of plasma free metanephrines 
  • Hannah Turner:  An evaluation of traumatic brain injury biomarkers

Afternoon session:  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Poisoning

12:30  Jo Rogers: WEDINOS

1:00  Lunch

2:00  Mandy Perry: Monoclonal drug and antibody testing – what is it all about?

  • An introduction to monoclonal drugs including an overview of their use in medicine.
  • A focus on the technical aspects of measuring infliximab and adalimumab drugs and antibodies.
  • Clinical interpretation of results, including how this data has been derived.

2:30  Pete Beresford: Cholinesterase phenotyping

3:00  Tea Break

3:30  Alex Lawson: Laboratory based drug adherence testing

4:00  Rachel Austin: Antimicrobial stewardship

4:30  Announce Regional Trainee Award winners and close

If the event becomes over subscribed, priority will be given to members of the SWW region.

Sponsors: Biohit Healthcare, Menarini, QuidelOrtho

Regional Trainee Award


Submissions for the Regional Trainee Award will be presented at the LabMed South West & Wessex Regional Scientific Event April 22nd 2024.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Entrants must be members of the Association for Laboratory Medicine
  • Eligibility for prizes will be confined to those working within the awarding region
  • Eligibility for the prizes will be confined to those who were in active training when the work submitted for the award was completed. Applicants may submit this work as an abstract to the meeting within one year of being awarded FRCPath.
  • Only one entry per first author is allowed
  • The presenter must be the first author of the work and have made a demonstrable substantial contribution to the reported work.

Submission requirements:

Applicants should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words. Please submit your abstact in MS word format to: [email protected]

Should there need to be a selection process, the submissions will be anonymised and reviewed by the regional committee or by the judging panel, as appropriate.

The deadline for submitting your abstract, including consideration to present, the Regional Trainee Award, is 9:00 am, Tuesday 2nd April 2024. 

Process of awarding:

Presentations will be judged by a selection of colleagues (2-4) who are in attendance at the meeting. The judging panel will be selected taking into account;

  • Professional experience
  • The Association’s values of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Any declarations of interest

The judging panel will score presentations taking the following into consideration:

  • Presentation
  • Scientific content
  • Patient impact
  • Author input
  • Discussion
  • Response to questions from the audience


Winners will be awarded £100 prize and runner up £50