Policy and media

The Association works with Press in the accurate reporting laboratory medicine science and and with policymakers to ensure policy is informed by scientific evidence and expertise.

What is Clinical Biochemistry?

Clinical Biochemistry is the clinical science of examining blood and other fluids to diagnose and monitor disease and inform therapy.

What is Laboratory Medicine?

Laboratory Medicine includes Clinical Biochemistry and other laboratory based scientific disciplines such as immunology, microbiology, haematology and genetics that underpin the diagnosis, management and cure of diseases and other medical conditions.

About us

The Association for Laboratory Medicine, founded in 1953, is a professional body dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science and laboratory medicine and has medical and non-medical members in all major UK healthcare laboratories, many university departments and several commercial companies. It has a relationship with the clinical diagnostics industry through links with its Corporate Members. The Association liaises with, and is consulted by, many national and international organisations on issues relating to Clinical Biochemistry. It was instrumental in establishing accreditation for clinical scientists in all disciplines and administers accreditation in all disciplines through the Association of Clinical Scientists. It also plays a significant role in the training of Clinical Scientists in the Biochemistry discipline and its training framework is used by other disciplines.

We are an inclusive organisation committed to fostering a culture where individual differences and diversity are welcomed. Read our equality & diversity statement here

Need an expert?

The Association maintains a list of its members who are acknowledged by their peers as having expertise in particular aspects of the profession and are willing to explain the science to the press, media or technical writers wanting clarification or explanation.

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