The Laboratory Medicine Learning Academy is a digital learning platform developed by the Association in partnership with Health Education England, East of England offering a wide range of educational material. 

Current Status

The Learning Academy is currently in the pilot phase with active development of educational material and best practices taking place. During this stage the Academy is open for new user registrations whose feedback will inform the future of the platform.

Who is it for?

The two primary learner groups for the pilot phase are:

  1. Trainee clinical scientists.
  2. Trainee doctors with a specialty in chemical pathology.

Following the pilot, the focus will broaden to clinical scientists and doctors at different stages in their careers, as well as to other professions with an interest in laboratory medicine.

Available Resources

The Learning Academy provides educational content through training courses, standalone lectures and webinars, as well as a repository of self-guided training material. For more information, please select from the following options:

Digital Learning Courses

Available Now:

  • Laboratory Method Evaluation

Currently in Development:

  • Endocrine (including dynamic function tests)
  • Clinical: Bone & Nutrition
  • Clinical: Cardiology, Hepatology and Renal
  • Clinical: Diabetes, Lipids, CV risk & Obesity
  • Clinical: (Adult) Inborn Errors of Metabolism & New Born Screening
  • Laboratory Analytical skills
  • Laboratory Data Interpretation
  • Laboratory Management
  • Toxicology


Self-Guided Learning

Currently in Development:

  • Cases for Thought Series

Lectures and Webinars

Currently in Development:

  • Clinical Interpretation and Implementation of Microbiological Sequencing Techniques - in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Learning Academy

Accessing the Learning Academy

Learner registrations for the Academy are free and will open on 1st of March 2024. If you would like to register to become a Learning Academy user, please contact Digital Learning Officer at [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Your full name including the title.
  2. Your profession/occupation.
  3. Your primary email address (this will become your User ID).

Existing users can access the Learning Academy here.

Getting Involved

If you wish to become an author or have existing educational content you would like to share with the Laboratory Medicine Learning Academy, please submit the following form:

Learning Academy Content Proposal Form