Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) – Pathology Report Launched

The ACB welcomes the GIRFT Report for Pathology published today following many years of hard work and fact finding by the Pathology GIRFT team.

The ACB intends to formulate a more detailed response over time and will seek to provide this in the coming weeks.

This report comes at a very apt and opportune time given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the huge challenges faced by healthcare during the recovery years ahead. It is vital therefore that pathology services are able to play a key role and are provided with the necessary support and funding to enable patient pathways to function efficiently.

While not unexpected, much of the spirit of this GIRFT report focuses on tightening unwarranted variation in the quality, use and cost of pathology services. It is however important that we also use the opportunity to emphasise the need for investment in pathology to benefit the wider provision of health care both in terms of improved patient outcomes and financial efficiency.

While many of the findings and recommendations are not new, many of the solutions are directed towards the emerging Pathology Networks (PNs) and professional bodies to deliver. Much collaboration will clearly be needed along with significant additional investment and support, especially in the areas of digital/IT support, standardisation, data collection, demand optimisation and workforce expansion.

The ACB looks forward to working closely with the GIRFT team and other stakeholders to address many of the recommendations within the report and ensure that such collaborative efforts collectively forge future pathology services with quality and excellence at their core.

Dr Bernie Croal
ACB President


Click here to view the report