Trent, Northern and Yorkshire

The Trent, Northern & Yorkshire Committee supports our members in the region. We work to improve all aspects of clinical science in local laboratories and join with our colleagues at national level to take forward clinical biochemistry, immunology & microbiology as a vital part of the modern health service.

Trent, Northern & Yorkshire Committee

  • Dr Stephen Gibbons - Chair & Representative on Council

  • Dr K Bailey - Secretary

  • Mr R Azad - Treasurer 

  • Dr D Fullerton - Regional Tutor (Trent)

  • Mrs S Troup - Regional Tutor (Northern)

  • Mrs C Lloyd - Regional Tutor (Yorkshire)

  • Ms L Hymns - Trainees Committee Representative (Trent)

  • Mr B Nicholson - Trainees Committee Representative (Yorkshire)

  • Miss L Carroll - Trainees Committee Representative (Northern)

  • Dr A Jackson-Crawford - WAC Representative

  • vacant - FCS Representative (Trent)

  • Dr L Bernstone - FCS Representative (Northern)

  • Dr I P Woodrow - FCS Representative (Yorkshire)

  • Mrs C Charlton - Immunology Representative

  • Dr G Clark - Microbiology Representative

  • Miss A Kiley - Ordinary Member (Trent)

  • Dr J Vernazza - Ordinary Member (Northern)

  • Miss K Malton - Ordinary Member (Yorkshire)

  • vacant - Medical Representative





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The Geoffrey Walker Award

The "Geoffrey Walker Award" was established in recognition of Dr Walker's contribution to Clinical Biochemistry in the Yorkshire-Trent Region. Dr Walker served as Secretary of the ACB (1972-1976,) Chair of the Yorkshire-Trent Region (1978-1980) and as the Yorkshire-Trent Representative on the ACB Council (1981-1983.) In 1992 he was made an 'Emeritus Member' of the ACB in view of his exceptional contribution to the association.

The award is open to all ACB members within the TNY region who are in active training.

The award takes the form of the presentation of short oral papers at the first regional scientific meeting of the year. Applications generally open in December.

The person who is judged to have given the best presentation is awarded a £100 book token and a £1,000 bursary towards the cost of a national or international meeting. £50 book tokens are awarded to all other candidates presenting at the meeting.

Geoffrey Walker Award rules.pdf


Previous award winners

2020 - Mr Roger Bramley - Purines and Pyrimidines: Method Development and Clinical Utility

2014 - Dr Victoria Thurston - FGF23, PTH and vitamin D in CKD stage 3

2013 - Dr Adrian Heaps - The utility of multiplex allergen testing in idiopathic anaphylaxis and primary immunodeficiency

2012 - Dr Rebecca Kift - A Techincal Evaluation of Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) Assays

2011 - Dr Jennifer Spencer - Is Faecal Sugar TLC Useful? An evaluation of the service provdided in Leeds

2010 - Dr Sarah Glover - Measurement of Benzodiazepines in Urine by LC/MS/MS: Confirmation of samples screened by immunoassay

2009 - Dr Ashley Garner - Clinical utility of C-peptide in diabetic patients

2006 - Mrs Catherine Dibden - The role of organic acids in the diagnosis of peroxisomal biogenesis disorders

2002 - Dr Rachel Carling - Markers for carcinoid disease: problems and solutions

2001 - Dr Ian Godber - Longitudinal changes in serum markers of bone turnover in pregnant women

2000 - Mr Geoffrey Armstrong - 21st century nutrition, 18th century disease

1999 - Dr Sarah Heap