Southern England

The Southern Region Committee supports to all our members in the region. We work to improve all aspects of clinical science in local laboratories and join with our colleagues at national level to take forward clinical biochemistry, immunology & microbiology as a vital part of a modern health service.

Southern Region Committee

  • Robyn Shea - Chair & Representative on Council
  • Wendy Armstrong - Secretary
  • Emma Tuddenham - Treasurer
  • Alex Read - Meetings Secretary
  • Sally Brady - Regional Tutor (London North East)
  • Matthew Whitlock - Regional Tutor (London North West)
  • Wendy Armstrong - Regional Tutor (London South)
  • Allison Chipchase - Regional Tutor (Eastern)
  • Helen Bruce - Regional Tutor (South East)
  • Vacant - Trainees Committee Representative (London)
  • Vacant - Trainees Committee Representative (Outside London)
  • Emma Miler - Trainees Committee Representative (Eastern)
  • Charles van Heyningen - Workforce Advisor
  • Rosalind Cornford - FCS Representative (London)
  • Vacant - FCS Representative (Outside London)
  • Lisa Garrison - FCS Representative
  • vacant - FCS Representative
  • vacant - Immunology Representative
  • Cassie Pope - Microbiology Representative
  • Peter West - Thames Audit Group Representative
  • Vacant - Content Development Officer
  • Laura Briggs - Ordinary Member (London)
  • Laura Cook - Ordinary Member (Outside London - North)
  • Ellen Bealing - Ordinary Member (Outside London - South)


Southern Region AGM - 28th April 2021

The next ACB Southern Region Aunnual General Meeting will be held via MS Teams on Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 1pm. please find below the meeting documents. if you are unable to view the documents please log in to your ACB Account.

ACB Southern Region AGM Agenda


ACB Southern Region Minutes AGM 2020


ACB Southern Region Nomination Form 2021.pdf



Bill Richmond Prize

Each year, normally in preparation of the autumn regional scientific event, members are invited to submit abstracts of no more than 250 words to be considered for presenting at the event and compete for the Bill Richmond Prize.

How to enter

Cases, Audits and Projects can all be accepted and we like to see submissions for all reals of biochemistry and laboratory medicine. To enter, trainees should respond to the appropriate invitation issued before the relevant event.

Previous talks

  • Dangers of the Dark Web: A Coroner’s Case Report – Amber Crampton
  • Estimating the Prevalence of Illicit Drug Use in Pregnancy in North-East Essex and Evaluation of Current Drug Screening Methods – Rachel Dale
  • Rapid and fatal outcome in a patient with late onset Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency – Stuart Bennett
  • The smell of death… – Lewis Couchman
  • Elucidating Ephylone – A case series – Robert Moore