Education Bursary

Guidelines for the allocation of Education Bursaries

Education bursaries may be awarded to individuals who have been Ordinary members of the Association for Laboratory Medicine for at least two years, for the purposes of attending scientific meetings and specialist training courses relevant to their discipline. They are not intended to fund basic training.

The bursary may cover in whole or in part expenses due to travel, registration and subsistence. The bursary can also be used to cover additional caring costs associated with the applicant attending a meeting. Quotes for the associated caring cost should be submitted with the application.

Applications for grants will be considered by a sub-group of the Education Committee of the Association to include the Director and Deputy Director of Education, Training & Workforce and in conjunction with the Director of Finance for the Association.

Members should complete the application form below and provide:

  • Evidence of membership of the Association for at least two years
  • Full details including costs of the meeting/course they wish to attend
  • A detailed costing of travel and subsistence and, where travel abroad is included, estimates of costs from a travel agent
  • If appropriate, a formal quote for caring costs
  • Details of other sources of financial support to which they have applied
  • Details of active participation and support of the Association's affairs

Applications will be considered throughout the year. This includes applications to attend the National Meeting of the Association.

With limited funding, particular consideration will be given to trainee members of the Association, as well as members presenting scientific work (poster, workshop, oral presentation) at the meeting for which they are applying for a bursary.

Those in receipt of a bursary will be expected to write an article on the training attended for the LabMed News.

Retrospective applications will NOT be considered.

Apply for the Education Bursary

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